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"Music You Can Breathe"

Flowers and Grass

Leaf's debut album “Flowers and Grass" is life healing lyrics floating over soothing vocals and an eclectic blend of instrumentation. With contributions from Andrew DeBarge (El DeBarge’s Nephew), Ryan Waters (Sade’s lead guitarist), versatile producer Jabari Thomas Taylor, and many gifted musicians, “Flowers and Grass,” is MUSIC YOU CAN BREATHE.

Download this 14 track album for just $7 or pay what you like.

About Leaf®

"And the leaves of the tree were for healing the nations."
-Revelation 22:2

Leaf Hallelujiah Newman’s passion for God, people, and music can be traced back to what she calls her “Hippy-Christian'' parents Franciso Tosocano Newman and Alison Susan Mills. Together they made films, wrote books, acted on pioneering television shows, taught African American Film college courses, took in homeless families and preached on the street corners of Los Angeles.
Leaf truly stayed connected to her tree and has guest-starred, alongside COMMON and Saul Williams, on an NAACP nominated episode of the hit sitcom "Girl Friends," and won the reality singing contest BET show "Welcome to Dreamland." She has also co-written the song "King" by MOTOSHO-Eshe from Arrested Development and released 3 independent projects: "Seventeen" under the name Matawi Reigns, "Leaf Cool Eclectic" EP, and "Flowers and Grass" a 14 song offering co-produced by Ryan Waters, Jabari Thomas Taylor, and Andrew DeBarge.

These days as a happy wife, mother of two, Communications Instructor at Georgia State University and SAE Institute, Leaf is steeping her next highly anticipated project “7Even 21.” Centered on spiritual principles, words of affirmation, positive thinking, and healing sound, "7Even 21" exemplifies- Love, Encouragement, Affirmation, and Fulfillment of Purpose.

Up From Here

This word of encouragement filled me up one day during a challenging season in my life. I was a newlywed, with a newborn, did not have a job, and my husband and I were losing our home. As I trusted in Lord, he showed his word to be true. He did it for me and he'll do it for you!

Videography: Fresh Behavior Media |Photography: Kat Goduco| Style: Vivian Compton Williams |Makeup: Tangi Bush| Hair: Deep Blue Hair Studio, Carina's Studio

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